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Are you a healthcare professional suffering from Information Overload?


24 hours a day 7 days a week you’re inundated with constant streams of data; bottomless emails, endless phone calls, text messages, family demands, patient/client demands, internet distractions. Not to mention demands you make on yourself and the inner self-critic which, too-often, relies on social media for validation of your own success. “How the hell is everyone accomplishing so much without losing their minds!?”

Symptoms of Information Overload include over-stimulation, stress, trouble focusing, unfinished projects, forgetting simple things, short-fuse, misplacing items, finding it hard to concentrate, increased confusion, thinking less creatively, decreased patience with your co-workers and patients.

In your professional life this can have significant impact on your ability to perform at your best. Not to mention problems including physical and mental health exhaustion, poor performance, increased use of sick time or “mental health days”,  and burnout.

If you’re ready to gain control over mindless behaviors, increase your productivity, decrease stress and improve your quality of life, work with me as your health coach.

I’ve created a step by step plan, G.R.I.T.©  so you can learn how to re-charge, re-boot, and re-energize. Reduce time wasters (social media, email, text messages) to manage work and life challenges.

I’ll guide you through a step by step process, encouraging you as you eliminate mindless behaviors, push past resistance, change old habits and create new & lasting ones.


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