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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, with a graduate degree from Columbia University and over 20 years clinical experience in the health care industry.  I have a coaching certificate from The Cooper Institute and am a member of the Institute of Coaching; McLean Hospital Harvard Medical School Affiliate.

With the influx of information including social media and access to 24 hour news and at our fingertips, the ability to focus and concentrate is increasingly more difficult.

Providing quality care to patients and clients requires attention to detail and the ability to focus on small repetitive tasks. Being distracted could have dire consequences.

How do we manage our time, our energy to avoid burn out  and the need for mental health days?

This is what I’m all about. Creating a life with depth, beyond what is seen on Instagram or what we tweet in 149 characters.

Establishing mindful behaviors, being so connected to our day we look up and say, “Wow, the day flew by!”

Feeling energized, not depleted. Replacing Sunday Blues and  Monday blahs so they’re more like “Hell Yeah, Fridays” or “So Happy Saturdays!”

I created a step by step strategy called,  G.R.I.T.© to help achieve you achieve those goals; restoring peace and sanity to your life.   G.R.I.T.© was developed combining evidenced based research, philosophies of successful professional coaches and widely supported theoretical clinical perspectives.

Me personally? I live in New York City, spending time supporting animal rescue missions such as Rancho Relaxo and  Farm Sanctuary. I absolutely love the solitary sport of reading as well as lounging by the pool or lake with great friends and family.  A guilty pleasure is junk food tv; Housewives, Millionaire Dollar Listing, that sort of thing.


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